Protecting sensitive data

ESP - Sensitive Data Protection

Enterprises face growing challenges to safeguarding their most critical digital assets - their confidential data and proprietary information. Hardening the network perimeter and carefully managing access to key servers and data stores helps prevent unauthorized intrusions. However, organizations still need to make confidential and proprietary information available for authorized users. Unless similar protections are pushed down to each and every machine that can access and handle this information, a significant potential remains for leakage.

Data In Motion

Leakage follows many paths. Survey results agree that the biggest threat of data loss comes from inside, either through improper handling of information or, worse, through outright theft or tampering. With advances in technology and access, even the most unsophisticated computer users have a wealth of opportunities to compromise data. Information has become highly mobile via high-capacity USB media, writeable CD/DVD, P2P file sharing, wireless and mobile devices, instant messaging, social media, external email accounts and newsgroup posts, and local printers.

ESP architecture

Aligning Data Security With Business Objectives

To ensure that critical proprietary information - including customer records, product design information, and financial documents - remain secure, an enterprise must have the capability to implement and enforce security policies that shut down attempts at unauthorized or inappropriate access.

The Elemental Security Platform (ESP) provides a comprehensive solution for protecting enterprise data. ESP provides a policy and risk management based approach to assuring that only authorized users are granted access to data and that once accessed, the data is safe from misappropriation or tampering.

This is accomplished through layered protection:

Controlling access to data

Protecting data at the Point-of-Use

Adapting to change

Stopping the leaks

How is Elemental different?

Protecting information has become a paramount concern for organizations of all types. ESP ensures the proper and continuous implementation of policies that protect information. By bringing together an end-to-end solution for securing access to data in motion and ensuring the integrity of data at rest, Elemental enables organizations to be assured that their information is secure while giving them the flexibility they need to function effectively in an increasingly connected and information-centric world.

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