ESP - PolicyFUEL

Elemental PolicyFUEL

The PolicyFUEL policy language addresses a longstanding security management problem – the inability to define policies consistently across heterogeneous operating systems and to implement self-consistent policies across multiple operational domains of general purpose computers.

At the heart of Elemental’s unified policy infrastructure is a programming language called PolicyFUEL, which provides the ability to express, monitor and enforce cross-platform, multi-layer policy rules:

  1. Cross-platform—a single rule (technical control) can be applied to an entire group of hosts regardless of any individual host’s operating system
  2. Multi-layer—a single rule can address multiple layers, including file system, network, and processes, among others

ESP Hitrust rules

For example, thanks to Fuel a single rule can define minimum password length requirements on a managed endpoints, regardless of whether it is running the MacOS, Red Hat, or Windows operating systems.

Some key capabilities the PolicyFUEL language provides are that it:

  • > allows policies to be expressed in natural language similar to how they are commonly written down in policy manuals;
  • > enables cross-platform support by automatically mapping the implementation details on each supported platform;
  • > unifies policies to concurrently address network activity and the host’s configuration, application and security settings;
  • > leverages a context-rich run-time environment to efficiently implement the policy lifecycle: expression, monitoring and enforcement.

It is important to note that no programming knowledge is required to use the Elemental Security Platform. PolicyFUEL runs under the hood and is transparent to the administrator. While the three thousand plus rules provided by Elemental out-of-box are implemented using PolicyFUEL, the administrator interacts with a graphical web-based user interface in which these rules are the lowest building blocks of the policies to be deployed, monitored an occasionaly enforced.

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