ESP - Crossplatform


ESP is an affordable subscription-based enterprise software solution that can be used on any network size, from small businesses to the largest enterprises. The ESP system implements security policies consistently across heterogeneous operating systems and throughout the multiple operational layers of networked computers, easily transposing them from premise or datacenter to the Cloud.

ESP crossOS

Users of the Elemental Security Platform can easily create security policies that will be supported on all enterprise hosts connected to the network, across a wide range of desktops, laptops and servers running disparate operating systems. Intuitive, simplified expression of cross-platform security practices enables easy construction of even complex security policies, addressing both host configuration and network behavior. With Elemental, organizations save time and resources while reducing risk.

The rules (technical controls) contained in the ESP Policy Library are there to enforce best practice security configurations cross-platform for Windows, Linux, UNIX and MacOS based systems. The ESP Policy Library provides a cross-framework approach if you have to deal with multiple sets of mandates from different security frameworks; you will find a set of policies for most of them: SOX, PCI, HIPAA, NIST, CIS, etc. These controls can be deployed to virtual machines or physical hosts, within one large facility or several scattered locations. The ESP solution works in overlay mode, sitting on top of any existing network architecture.

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