ESP - Audit Trails

Elemental Security Platform - Audit Trails

Preparation for the internal or external security audit can become a lengthy and involved process placing increased demands on the IT staff. And often, results of the assessment do not meet executives’ or auditors’ expectations. Since some companies may have to repeat their audits annually and maintain minimum compliance levels, they need solutions that would allow them to deliver cost-efficient, sustained, and automated compliance and audit-preparation process.

The Elemental solution delivers not only policy and compliance monitoring, micro-segmentation, system security configuration management, risk assessment, detailed comliance metrics, and historical compliance reporting, but also policy management events audit logging.

Img ESP audit trails

Besides policy management events, audit records are also automatically generated for the following actions within the ESP system:

  • - Change in system settings
  • - Purge or cleanup of data from the database
  • - Creation, management events, and deletion of ESP host groups
  • - Changes to LDAP connection settings
  • - Changes to LDAP group updates
  • - Changes to the risk and value calculation parameters
  • - Changes to trouble ticket connection settings

Automatic generation of audit trail documentation relieves pressures on the IT team, reduces cost of compliance management, and redirects the IT team attention to more critical tasks.

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