Elemental Security Platform

The Elemental Security Platform (ESP) is an advanced enterprise level cyber security compliance automation and enforcement system that is suited for any size organization in the cloud, on premise, hybrid and hosted IT environments.

ESP is the game changing self-adaptive policy enforcement driven cyber security solution that ensures critical digital assets are continuously in compliance hence always protected. As a highly integrated, comprehensive, scalable system the Elemental solution is the answer to effective information security, compliance automation and risk assessment. It achieves this through automatic deployment, consistent monitoring and pervasive enforcement of cyber security policies and technical controls.

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ESP is the most functionally integrated enterprise solution that combines the essential capabilities for
effective security policy compliance automation, enforcement and risk management.

Manage risk with a holistic approach to cyber security, compliance and system trust relationships

By automating the many actions required for efficiently managing security policies, the Elemental Security Platform improves effectiveness, reduces costs, and enhances productivity of IT security organizations.

The ESP system implements security policies consistently across heterogeneous operating systems, environments and throughout the multiple operational layers of networked computers. It monitors the configuration, usage, network activity, and inventory of all managed machines running the ESP agent, therefore continuously assessing, implementing and adjusting the security posture of these systems by deploying new policies in order to self-adapt to changes. It also provides automatic discovery and classification of unmanaged machines.

The Elemental Approach

Discover & Assess

Discover & Assess

- System profiling
- Dynamic grouping
- Security posture assessment

Set Policies & Controls

Set Policies & Controls

- Extensive policy library
- Policy baseline templates
- Click and deploy

Monitor & Adjust

Monitor & Adjust

- Change management
- Policy enforcement
- Adaptive access control

Measure & Report

Measure & Report

- Risk adjusted visibility
- Security compliance metrics
- Multi-level reporting & alarms

ESP Features

Compliance Automation

With audit requirements increasing through governmental regulation as well as internal security policies, ensuring security compliance has never been a higher priority. The Elemental Security Platform (ESP) helps save both time and money by reducing the frequency of internal audits, and by decreasing the effort of measuring and demonstrating compliance with internal and external audit and regulatory requirements.

Security Policy Management

Managing security policies in ever-changing enterprise networks requires maintaining not only a historical view but a clear, complete, and current view into the state of your computers and users, ESP enables you to deploy policies with precision and automatically update them as change occurs.


The Elemental Security Platform (ESP) empowers organizations to deploy an access control framework that provides a highly granular micro-segmentation of the network that keeps potentially malicious activity in control and reduces compliance scope.

Risk Assessment

The ability to continuously account for the value of systems and the level of risk to which they are exposed enables ESP users to more proactively plan and manage their security compliance initiatives and investments.

Elemental Cyber Security Solutions

Automate & Enforce Security Policies

Effectively managing your organization’s security and regulatory policies requires a clear and current understanding of the state and activity of the users and computers that constitute your network environment.

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Automate Regulatory Compliance

With audit requirements increasing through governmental regulation as well as mandated industry standards, ensuring security compliance has never been a higher priority. ESP provides out-of-the-box templates for standards such as NIST, SOX, HIPAA, FISMA, GLBA, and PCI.

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Control Access with Logical Segmentation

By logically grouping systems together compliance scopes can be reduced and digital assets can be better monitored and protected. ESP's adaptive segmentation capabilities enable automatic policy redeployment based on changes in the network.

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Assess IT Risk

A quantitative risk management approach can provide an important set of business-aligned security metrics to help administrators manage security and compliance initiatives in a way that effectively leverages available resources and protects the key interests of the organization.

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Elemental Philosophy

A Holistic Approach!

Traditional security methods seek to control network access at gateway devices and infrastructure, application, and data servers, but fail to protect network resources once the first lines of defense have been breached. The Elemental system bridges this security gap by unifying the processes of managing access control for systems and users, and by ensuring that authorized communications take place only between machines that can demonstrate up-to-the-moment compliance with their assigned security policies.
With its built-in, in-depth policy reference library, ESP enables users to map their business-based security goals to external regulatory requirements and established security best practices. The Elemental solution’s library of ready-to-use policies comprises standard best practices as designed by the CIS (Center for Internet Security), NSA (National Security Agency), DISA (Defense Information Systems Agency) and Microsoft. They also include templates designed to address regulatory compliance challenges such as SOX, HIPAA, FISMA and PCI standards.
The transparency provided by the Elemental solution covers all major operational aspects of computers. It concurrently monitors a machine’s inventory, configuration, and network traffic—all under a single unified policy umbrella. ESP keeps security executives and IT management continuously aware of the state of their security. When needed, ESP also provides unique automatic remediation and containment through policy enforcement at the host or network level.
The comprehensive security controls supported by ESP provide the ability to gauge the risk exposure of systems, and ultimately their associated loss potential to the business. The risk and value of systems comprise a critical set of business-aligned metrics that empower IT and security operations to focus their resources on the security issues that present the greatest threat to the organization, and inform all stakeholders through security metrics that are mapped directly to the goals and requirements of the business.