Elemental Adaptive Security Platform

The most Integrated Automation Framework for
Cyber Security, Compliance and Risk Management.

A solution that aligns security operations with business objectives.

The security industry has, by continually responding to the latest threat or regulatory requirement with another new tool, contributed to the fragmentation and manual processes that make cyber security problems virtually unmanageable. The problem that organizations are constantly facing is a permanent disconnect — the implementation gap — between the defined, written security policies and the actual status of any IT infrastructure.

Elemental Cyber Security bridges the gap with a comprehensive software solution that:

  • unifies security controls across multiple different OS platforms,
  • automates the lifecycle management of security controls and compliance policies,
  • provides clear views and reports about the current state, security posture, and activity of network elements,
  • enables continuous assessment of IT risk exposure,
  • reduces the cost, the duration, the complexity of IT Audits,
  • brings security executives back in control of their IT network.

ESP Architecture

The Elemental Security Platform (ESP) unifies security controls and delivers persistent visibility into the current state, security posture, and activity of the network environment. It completes these capabilities through programmatic assessments of the value of individual systems, as well as their associated risk. With this unique, risk-adjusted view of the network, Elemental provides organizations with the business-aligned security metrics they need to plan and prioritize security measures. The platform further provides advanced automation capabilities enabling organizations easily and cost-effectively express, implement, and enforce a broad spectrum of security controls in the form of policies to address security requirements, regulatory compliance, and business risk.

Key Customer Solutions

Enterprise Security Policy Automation

The Elemental Security Platform provides the first and only security control system built from the ground up to continuously adjust and maintain your organization's cyber security baseline policy to compensate for changes in endpoint, network as well as threat landscape.

Implementing Role-Based Access Controls for Systems and Users

Protecting critical resources from unauthorized systems and users represents one of the most important concerns for enterprises today. Elemental helps to ensure that any machine from which a user attempts access is subject to, and compliant with, appropriate security policies.

Protecting Sensitive Data Against Compromise or Loss

Information has become highly mobile, increasing the possibility for misappropriation via a variety of pathways-from high-capacity USB media to wireless and mobile devices to instant messaging. Elemental's policy and risk management-based solution ensures that only authorized users are granted access to data, and that measures are taken at the point of use to protect data from misappropriation or tampering.

Monitoring and Enforcing NIST 800-171

Protecting controlled unclassifed data in nonfederal information systems and organizations is achievable using Elemental's predefined policy templates library and automated policy deployment, monitoring and enforcement capabilities. Most computing infrastuctures are highly dynamic, so one cannot rely on periodic snapshots to safeguard covered information. Therefore, one must also monitor and enforce security controls on an ongoing basis to ensure their continued effectiveness. When the inevitable issues are discovered, they must be communicated upon internally and corrective actions must be implemented. This is where the ESP solution provides peace-of-mind to be confident about being cyber secure while also NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) SP800-171 compliant.

Complying with Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX)

The Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) requires that CEOs stand behind the IT controls involved in financial reporting. Elemental helps enterprises meet this standard by making it easier to document their controls and prove to auditors that each has been properly implemented, maintained and monitored.

Implementing the Comprehensive Health Insurance Portability
and Accountability Act (HIPAA)

Elemental provides a framework for deploying and enforcing policies on computing resources that store and have access to patient health care information. This comprehensive solution makes it easy for a broad range of organizations - from banks to universities to healthcare providers - to adhere to HIPAA best practices for network access control, host security configuration management, as well as systems and software inventory controls.

Meeting the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standards

Elemental enables enterprises to adhere to PCI best practice security standards for building and maintaining secure networks, controlling access to cardholder data, and implementing a policy-based approach to monitoring and securing enterprise networks. The Elemental solution delivers the visibility, control, and automation necessary to protect cardholder information as well as the systems that host the applications through which it is processed and delivered.