Security Posture Assessment

Situational Awareness

While security professionals understand the business goals and realities that define the right policies, in a changing environment they find it hard to know the true state of the network. More than half the elements in a typical network are changing every year, people are revolving in and out of the organization at a rapid rate, and rogue machines, outsourcing, and consultants constantly inject unknown risks.

Elemental solves this problem by making every machine on the network transparent to security administrators. The unique Elemental solution comprises a software-based, agent/server architecture. An integrated policy-based packet filter delivers a complete and continuous assessment of traffic generated by all machines on the network and works across platforms to implement policies. This awareness of network elements enables administrators to:

  • Automatically configure machines in accordance with regulatory requirements and security best practices
  • Restrict the ability of unauthorized or non-compliant machines to harm critical resources
  • Assure that only approved hardware and software have access to key systems
  • Discover and contain new machines coming on the network


Policy lifecycle


This unprecedented pervasive visibility also makes it possible to create and implement security controls in a way that takes into account the business, organizational, and operational context of each system. In addition, the Elemental solution expresses security policies across all parts of the computing environment, automatically implementing them on all hosts. It also continuously monitors host machines, optionally controlling access based on their compliance with assigned policies.

Ensuring security and compliance isn't limited to machines managed by the Elemental system; each host also monitors the activity of unknown machines on the network. This surveillance capability quickly identifies non-compliant machines and leaves rogue machines with no place to hide.

Unparalleled Visibility

Auto-Discovery - the Elemental agents passively monitor the network for new computers. Unauthorized machines are quickly discovered and classified to identify their operating system, hardware details, and networking activity.

Network Communications detailed traffic information for both managed and unmanaged computers enables administrators to monitor and regulate traffic for systems, applications, users, and network segments.

Security Configuration get an in-depth profile of the operating system, network properties, application settings, and system configuration parameters.

Users and Accounts accounts and user logon activity are tracked by ESP enabling implementation of policies based on user roles and entitlements.

Hardware and Software Inventory the Elemental agent gathers a detailed summary of devices, installed applications, running processes and services.