Elemental Adaptive Security Platform

Self-Adaptive Cyber Security Compliance Automation Solution

The Elemental Security Platform (ESP) is the only solution that unifies the key technologies needed for enterprises to translate their broadly defined cyber security objectives into specific security policies (controls) that can be automatically deployed, monitored, adjusted, enforced and reported on for all systems in the network.

ESP is implemented as integrated threat defense architecture, supporting automated security functionality with enforcement across all key control points. This next generation cyber security solution has the following outstanding business critical differentiators:

  • Detect, prioritize and act on cyber security incidents in the Cloud or Datacenter in real time
  • Integrated platform for cyber security, risk management and regulatory compliance
  • Acknowledge and mitigate security breaches in 1/10 the average TTD - Time To Detect
  • Real time cyber security audit controls and reports
  • Eliminates weeks and months of work effort to produce a security compliance driven audit. Real time accurate audit reports in minutes
  • Know when and where any device gains access to the network includes BYOD and mobile devices
  • Dynamically and automatically monitor and enforce system security posture changes this eliminates manually updating security controls on servers maintains system integrity
  • Real time security control assessments with Board and CXO level reporting

Elemental ESP

The ESP seamlessly integrates the capabilities required to effectively implement a full range of powerful security policies across enterprise networks. It offers a robust policy library with several thousands of rules and editable templates. Administrators can easily express and deploy policies to systems throughout their network and get results within minutes.

You can’t manage and protect what you don’t know

The ESP provides unparalleled transparency into the state and activity of each machine on the network. This enables a high degree of automation that quickly identifies changes on individual systems and automatically updates their policies. An unparalleled level of automation is delivered through unique features — including dynamic grouping, self updating policy deployments, and risk assessment capabilities — that provide a clear and continuous understanding of the individual roles of machines, applications and users, as well as the observed characteristics, security posture, associated risk and value of individual systems. The unprecedented level of security intelligence and policy-based controls delivered by the Elemental platform is not limited to machines running the ESP agent. Passive discovery, monitoring, and classification of unmanaged machines also allow administrators to readily expose rogue devices and apply policies throughout the network to restrict their access to key systems.

Achieving your cyber security and compliance objectives

Only through a comprehensive approach — which combines indepth visibility, automation and control in a single, functionally integrated solution — can organizations quickly and cost-effectively achieve continued alignment between their business goals and their security operations.