Align Enterprise Cyber Security with Business Objectives

Elemental has developed the first functionally integrated solution that lets security administrators meet their broad-based security objectives in dynamic, real-world enterprise environments. It provides an unprecedented view into the network, including an up-to-the-moment security posture of every machine. Using this highly detailed view, Elemental's solution enables security professionals to achieve their business goals by quickly translating high-level security policies into the desired security states on each and every affected machine on the network.

It allows security professionals to measure, monitor, and enforce their desired security states, while also providing full reporting capabilities. As a result, enterprises can for the first time obtain meaningful metrics, measurably improve their security, and satisfy compliance requirements using a single product: the Elemental Security Platform (ESP).

ESP functions

The Elemental Security Platform is the first and only SaaS solution that combines the key capabilities essential for drastically reduce cyber security breach TTD – time to detection, effective security policy and risk management. Only through this type of comprehensive approach – which seamlessly integrates these key capabilities in a single product can organizations quickly and cost-effectively assure continued alignment between their business goals and their security operations.

Elemental Security Operations Center

The Elemental Web Portal is the central control point for security policy management, dynamic policy target group definition, compliance and risk monitoring, as well as reporting. Policy deployments are precisely targeted, automatically deployed, and continuously updated. The ESP enables administrators to import groups from directory services or to specify groups of computers based on their common characteristics, networking behavior, security and risk posture, or user activity.


The Elemental system provides extensive reporting capabilities, including a suite of executive dashboards, detailed views and histories of compliance, risk and value, network traffic activity, and trouble ticket administration. The ESP reporting makes it easy for administrators to document the state of their networked systems and to identify changes that occur on individual systems or in the communications between systems.

High-level business-aligned reporting combined with drill-downs into the detailed technical information serves the needs of Chief Security Officers to report on the status of the organization's overall security and compliance efforts. At the same time, it enables IT security managers to address specific issues that may affect these metrics.

The ESP Agent Based Platform

ESP is an integrated solution with easy to deploy sensors in the form of "active" software agents. These Elemental agents actively monitor and enforce security controls on a per system (host) or per hosts group basis. Typical agent data monitored, collected and assimilated is: vulnerability, compliance, malware, exploit and configuration data. The ESP platform uses this data to:

  • Prioritize remediation
  • Perform automated host profiling
  • Identify and block potential threats
  • Provide real time compliance and audit reports

The ESP solution provides continuous security to organizations of all sizes with a global view of their security and compliance posture, while reducing total cost of ownership far beyond what today’s point solutions can deliver.

"More than half of the thousands of elements in a typical network are changing every year, people are revolving in and out of the organization at a rapid rate, and rogue machines, outsourcing and consultants constantly inject unknown risks."


Elemental: A Holistic Approach to Security