Adaptive Micro-Segmentation

Control access to critical assets through micro-segmentation

Stop cyber threats by controlling the lateral movement of unauthorized communications across your computing environment. Elemental delivers a unique approach to managing communications that specifically focuses on providing policy-based access control to critical resources. The Elemental Security Platform (ESP) is a solution that empowers organizations to deploy an access control framework that provides a highly granular micro-segmentation of the network that keeps potentially malicious activity in control.

ESP access control

 An integrated approach

By deploying the ESP, enterprises can implement smart segmentation adaptive to change to enhance cross-organization security and compliance. The ESP not only assures that endpoint security tools such as anti-malware, anti-spyware, and intrusion prevention are installed, current, and operating as required, but also continuously monitors the security posture of systems through an extensive library of security policy templates and rules that enables organizations to easily translate their business goals and compliance requirements into the required security controls.

  • Unified Policy Framework - security configuration management, inventory management, along with network access control policies
  • Granularity - access control policies that are precisely targeted, risk–informed, and business–aligned
  • Cross Platform - access controls pervasive throughout the network
  • Coverage for Unmanaged Machines - discovery and containment of unknown or unauthorized machines
  • Continuous - constant monitoring of host-level security policies
  • Responsive to Change - access controls automatically adapt to changes in roles and security posture
  • In-Line Remediation - update configuration, restrict applications and devices, restrict network access in response to non-compliance

Logical network enclaves or micro-segmentation & Host Group dynamics

Only the Elemental solution provides the automation necessary to keep up with the rapidly changing environment and real-world business context of enterprise networks. A key aspect of this automation is dynamically grouping machines (hosts) based on common characteristics, such as networking behavior, configuration, registry settings, running processes, and hardware or software inventory.

The ESP makes it simple to define groups of systems (hosts) enabling logical segmentation of network computing resources. As new systems or users connect or as new applications come online, each security policy is applied to all the hosts and users in a defined group. As the activity of individual hosts changes, group membership also changes automatically, and the correct policies are applied accordingly.

For example, an administrator can specify a general policy such as "Only members of the finance department using computers that comply with Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) can access the finance database" and the system dynamically updates network access rules based on user group membership, machine configuration, and SOX compliance levels.

Always-ON protection

The ESP provides constant and continuous automated monitoring, control, and remediation of host security policies, as well as continuous access control protection that automatically adapts to observed changes in the network environment. Elemental’s access control solution delivers immediate protection for key enterprise information assets by controlling access to them, and enhances enterprise existing initiatives with more in-depth policy-based security assessments of devices at the point of admittance. In addition, the Elemental solution provides ongoing risk-adjusted visibility and control for all systems on the network—which is key to the overall digital security.