Adaptive Access Control

Control Access to Critical Assets

Elemental delivers a unique approach to managing network access that specifically focuses on providing policy-based access control to critical resources. The Elemental Security Platform (ESP) provides a host agent-based solution that complements infrastructure-level-admittance NAC solutions. It empowers organizations to deploy an access control framework that provides both the security posture assessment of devices required to manage network admittance and a policy-based approach to managing access to the business-critical information servers and systems.

 An Integrated Approach

By deploying the ESP, enterprises can enhance NAC and bring it into the fold of their broader security and compliance charter. The ESP not only assures that host security tools—such as anti-virus, anti-spyware, and intrusion prevention—are installed, current, and operating as required but also continuously monitors the security posture of machines through an extensive library of security policy templates and rules that enables organizations to easily translate their business goals and compliance requirements into the required security controls. This in-depth assessment of the security of servers and workstations enables network administrators to permit access only to those machines that are authorized, and that demonstrate an acceptable level of security.

  • Unified Policy Framework - security configuration management, inventory management, along with network access control policies
  • Granularity - access control policies that are precisely targeted, risk informed, and business aligned
  • Cross Platform - access controls pervasive throughout the network
  • Coverage for Unmanaged Machines - discovery and containment of unknown or unauthorized machines
  • Continuous - constant monitoring of host-level security policies
  • Responsive to Change - access controls automatically adapt to changes in roles and security posture
  • In-Line Remediation - update configuration, restrict applications and devices, restrict network access in response to non-compliance

Always-ON Protection

The ESP provides constant and continuous automated monitoring, control, and remediation of host security policies, as well as continuous access control protection that automatically adapts to observed changes in the network environment. Elemental’s access control solution delivers immediate protection for key enterprise information assets by controlling access to them, and enhances enterprise NAC initiatives with more in-depth policy-based security assessments of devices at the point of admittance. In addition, the Elemental solution provides ongoing risk-adjusted visibility and control for all machines on the network—which is key to overall security of network and systems assets. Elemental’s business goals-based approach to access control ensures more effective use of enterprise NAC dollars, thus delivering investment protection for the longer term.