Regulatory compliance management software

Elemental Security Glossary

Elemental Security and Regulatory Compliance Management

The need for regulatory compliance management is growing rapidly with the escalation of financial disclosure laws and government and industry requirements governing the handling of customer billing accounts or patient personal health data. The Elemental Security Platform provides regulatory compliance management, regulatory compliance software and regulatory compliance management software solutions designed to meet these needs.

Elemental Security Glossary

Regulatory Compliance Management Defined

The laws, rules, and regulations that govern the storage, maintenance, and access of different types of data have grown substantially in recent years, both in number and in scope. Regulatory compliance software and regulatory compliance management software are becoming essential tools in maintaining a smoothly functioning enterprise IT operation.

Regulatory Compliance Management Prevalence

Regulatory compliance management, and with it regulatory compliance management software and regulatory compliance software, have grown in direct proportion to the growth in regulatory requirements.

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