Linux network security

Elemental Security Glossary

Elemental Security and Linux Security

The Elemental Security Platform can help you identify and segregate your Linux computers and define a comprehensive Linux network security plan that will enable enterprises to harness this powerful operating system, without allowing the open-source nature of it to compromise network security.

Elemental Security Glossary

Linux Security Defined

As a popular open-source operating system, Linux has attracted a wide following, both in the enterprise IT environment, where it is increasingly being used as an infrastructure server, and outside the enterprise where hackers eagerly seek ways to exploit any security lapses they can find. Enterprise IT administrators should inventory their Linux resources and devise a formal Linux network security plan to prevent unauthorized users from gaining access to or control over these assets.

Linux Security Prevalence

The Linux operating system has seen phenomenal growth in popularity, both among enterprise IT administrators who respect its powerful capabilities and low startup costs, and among hackers who enjoy its open-source availability which gives them significant insight into how enterprise systems work. Because of this dual nature of power and accessibility, a formal Linux network security plan needs to be incorporated into any IT environment that includes Linux systems.

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