HIPAA computer security audit policies

Elemental Security Glossary

Elemental Security and HIPAA Security

Elemental Security helps its customers ensure HIPAA security compliance in several ways. The Elemental Security Platform can be used to generate a HIPAA security audit to measure the level of compliance, and the system can be used to disperse HIPAA security policies throughout a computer network. It can also analyze individual computers for HIPAA computer security.

Elemental Security Glossary

HIPAA Security Defined

HIPAA security compliance deals with the maintenance and management of information in such a way that it is protected sufficiently to meet the HIPAA requirements enacted by the United States Congress in 1996. Typically, a HIPAA security audit is run to measure the current level of compliance, followed by defining an organization’s HIPAA security policies and then deploying those policies to individual machines throughout the network to implement a measure of HIPAA computer security.

HIPAA Security Prevalence

HIPAA security compliance is mandatory for any enterprise that handles healthcare information. Every company involved in the health insurance industry should routinely conduct a HIPAA security audit and establish HIPAA security policies and HIPAA computer security.

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