HIPAA regulatory compliance software plan

Elemental Security Glossary

Elemental Security and HIPAA Compliance

The Elemental Security Platform provides a set of policies explicitly designed to monitor computer network resources for HIPAA regulatory compliance. Elemental’s HIPAA compliance software helps any organization implement an automated, auditable HIPAA compliance plan.

Elemental Security Glossary

HIPAA Compliance Defined

HIPAA stands for Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, a law originally passed by Congress in 1996. Companies dealing with healthcare information need to maintain and manage healthcare information in a way that achieves HIPAA regulatory compliance. HIPAA compliance software can help companies formulate a HIPAA compliance plan.

HIPAA Compliance Prevalence

HIPAA regulatory compliance is required for any company handling healthcare information. In order to guarantee that its HIPAA regulatory compliance is handled securely, an organization needs to formulate a HIPAA compliance plan that is maintained using HIPAA compliance software, thereby automating compliance as much as possible.

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