Enterprise network security management software

Elemental Security Glossary

Elemental Security and Enterprise Network Security

Along with ensuring the overall productivity of a network , enterprise security is one of the most critical components of an IT manager’s responsibilities. Assaults on networks, from both internal and external sources, are escalating at a rapid and accelerating pace. Enterprise security management is best addressed deploying enterprise security software, such as the Elemental Security Platform (ESP).

Elemental Security Glossary

Enterprise Network Security Defined

Enterprise security is the basic function of creating and handling overall enterprise security management with a single interface that minimizes the risk of any breach of a network. This can be accomplished by way of enterprise security software.

Enterprise Network Security Prevalence

Attackers who are either seeking ways to compromise the data on the network or to find ways to use the network’s resources for their own purposes increasingly threaten Enterprise computer networks. As a result, enterprise security and the need for enterprise security management and enterprise security software are critical-path problems for corporations and other large organizations.

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