Positive endpoint security solutions

Elemental Security Glossary

Elemental Security and Endpoint Security

The Elemental Security Platform (ESP) can be used to achieve a high degree of endpoint security by allowing administrators to group devices by type, operating system, or network address. They can then deploy endpoint security solutions that regulate what users are allowed to do on the network, thereby achieving positive endpoint security.

Elemental Security Glossary

Endpoint Security Defined

The workforce is becoming more mobile and decentralized, leading to a proliferation of mobile devices that must be managed over the network. Network managers must find a way to achieve some measure of endpoint security that protects the network while still permitting users to get their work done. This requires the implementation of endpoint security solutions that emphasize positive endpoint security.

End Point Security Prevalence

Endpoint security measures are demanding an increasing amount of attention from network managers, as the workforce becomes more mobile and geographically dispersed. An enterprise must define and deploy endpoint security solutions that achieve positive endpoint security to control access to sensitive network assets while allowing users to do meaningful work.

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