Computer Access Security

Elemental Security Glossary

Elemental Security offers Computer Access Security

The Elemental Security Platform provides the means to implement a computer access security policy that prevents unauthorized users from accessing sensitive data on a network. Administrators can also deploy policies that monitor the configuration of individual computers to be sure they enforce strict password and user account requirements.

Elemental Security Glossary

Computer Access Security Defined

Individual computers should be configured to require that all user accounts be securely defined, with passwords that are difficult to guess and are routinely changed. In addition, the network should be configured in such a way that only users who are authorized to access a particular resource are able to log onto the machine.

Computer Access Security Prevalence

Computer access security is a critical element in the effort to protect an enterprise’s intellectual property. The more reliant the enterprise becomes on its computer network, the more important it becomes that the network be secured from unauthorized intrusion and use.

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