Big Data Security

Is your unstructured, semi- or structured data at risk?

With great power of data comes great responsibility! A big data initiative should not only focus on the volume, velocity or variety of the data, but also on the best way to protect it. Security is usually an afterthought, but Elemental provides the right technology framework to get you the deep visibility and multilayer security any big data project requires. Multilevel protection of your data processing nodes means implementing security controls at the application, operating system and network level while keeping a bird's eye on the entire system using actionable intelligence to deter any malicious activity, emerging threats and vulnerabilities.


Big Data Security Exposure


ESP big data solution


Harden Big Data Infrastructure with Elemental

Through specific big data security policy (controls) deployment, monitoring and enforcement, Elemental provides an integrated, cross-platform, comprehensive way to protect resources in a big data production environment.

ESP (Elemental Security Platform) is your best ally to ensure protection and compliance of your big data processing nodes:

  • Passwords - most NoSQL / Big Data systems donít have any PW or use the default system PW, so anybody could easily access them. ESP can check on passwords and enforce them.
  • Input Validation - NoSQL systems arenít normally exposed to SQL injection problems, but they can still be injected using JavaScript or concatenation of strings. ESP could help check and not allow JavaScript.
  • Role-based Access Control - define and enforce who has access to what in the data repository. ESP can help check and enforce this.
  • OS Hardening - the operating system on which the data is processed should be hardened and locked down. The four main protection focus areas should be: users, permissions, services, logging. ESP provides with numerous policies for all including recommendations from CIS, Defense Info Systems Agency and more.
  • Persistent Control - constant monitoring and continuous enforcement of host-level security policies is provided by the Elemental system.
  • Responsive to Change - access controls automatically adapt to changes in roles and security posture.
  • In-Line Remediation - update configuration, restrict applications and devices, restrict network access in response to non-compliance.