Elemental® Cyber Security


Elemental Cyber Security, Inc. is operated by seasoned, pragmatic, and knowledgeable professionals that have led several technology companies to global growth and success. Their complementary backgrounds in sales, sales operations, marketing, product management, software development, customer support provide the guarantee that Elemental Security Platform is the effective, reliable solution to protect your business.


Marius Octavian Bratan
President & CEO, Elemental Cyber Security, Inc.

With over 20 years of sales, marketing and technical management experience at global organizations providing software and hardware solutions as well as services; Marius O. Bratan has the executive experience and expertise needed to build Elemental Cyber Security, Inc. into a global technology company creating, developing and delivering effective cyber security solutions to enterprise markets while keeping an eye on bottom-line results.

Prior to his role in Elemental, Mr. Bratan founded 1stmarkets, Inc. in 2003, a consulting and solutions provider organization to help IT security companies grow their business in global markets. During that time he has also successfully developed and marketed the AxioTAP product line globally. Mr. Bratan served for 10 years as a senior Executive for ODS Networks – Intrusion, Inc., a publicly held technology startup (cyber security and networking solutions) based in Richardson TX, USA. As Vice President of International Operations, Mr. Bratan successfully expanded, managed and directed international sales operations, as well as the marketing efforts through existing and new subsidiaries in Europe and Asia. As Vice President and Managing Director of EMEA, he has ramped international operations building local sales and support teams, establishing robust distribution channels, signing up strategic accounts, leading marketing initiatives and developing professional services programs. Prior to that, Mr. Bratan held various sales, product management, project management and product development positions at Hirschmann GmbH & Co, International CPU (Novell), Unisys and Nixdorf throughout Europe.

Marius O. Bratan has a MS. in Computer Science from Florida Institute of Technology (FIT), USA, as well as a Masters Degree in Business Administration and Project Management from Ecole Internationale des Sciences du Traitement de l'Information (EISTI) in Paris, France. He is fluent in English, German and French.

Tom Allen
Chief Operating Officer

With more than 25 years experience in small, medium and large enterprises, Tom Allen has the experience to grow and develop Elemental Cyber Security into a thriving organization delivering products to the global marketplace.

Prior to Elemental Cyber Security, Mr. Allen served as CIO for Privacy, Inc. Mr. Allen has extensive experience with start-up, medium and large companies. Mr. Allen’s experience includes serving as Vice President of Engineering and Operations for Vocaldata and Transat Technologies. In these positions, he developed Telco quality products in the Voice Over IP and Wi-Fi Hotspot markets and delivered these products worldwide. He also held several executive positions with Glenayre's Integrated Network Group including Vice President and General Manager of Open Development Corp., Vice President of Product Management and, Vice President of Product Development. Prior to Glenayre, Mr. Allen held executive positions with Interphase Corp. and DSC.

Mr. Allen has a BS in Mathematical Sciences from the University of Texas at Dallas and Graduate Studies in Business from the University of Florida.

Jerry Crabb
Executive Vice President of Development

Jerry Crabb is responsible for overseeing Elemental Security Platform product engineering, quality assurance and support.

As a seasoned business professional with a wealth of product knowledge and expertise, Mr. Crabb’s duties encompass all of the core product development processes including integration, release schedules as well as components of the computing infrastructure. Mr. Crabb brings to Elemental Cyber Security over 15 years of managing both development and support teams, for companies like Matchmaker.com, ICT America and e-Global Sports Network. Having served in various capacities as CTO, VP and Director, Mr. Crabb has a proven track record for managing challenging development projects and taking them to the marketplace.

Rolf T. Wichter
Executive Vice President International

Rolf T. Wichter has more than 20 years of technical, sales and management experience in several European and International positions with hardware and software companies. He excels at positioning IT-technology products in international markets and new business development.

Prior to Elemental Cyber Security, Mr. Wichter co-founded 1stmarkets, Inc. in 2003, an American - European consulting and solution provider organization supporting IT-Security companies to expand into international markets and develop new business. Mr. Wichter is acting General Manager for the European arm of 1stmarkets, the 1stmarkets GmbH, based in Munich Germany. Mr. Wichter held the position of a General Manager Central Europe for Intrusion GmbH and several European and International Sales & OEM Management positions in companies like Adobe Systems GmbH, Schneider & Koch GmbH and Hirschmann GmbH & Co.
Rolf T. Wichter has an Dipl.-Ing.(FH) engineering degree in Electronics & Telecommunications from Fachhochschule Rheinland-Pfalz, Abtlg. Trier in Germany. Mr. Wichter is fluent in English and German.